Welcome to Zaftig Times!

Plus. Size. Fashion.

I have been contemplating our first post on this topic for weeks. I am stuck on the need to place the term “plus size” in front of fashion. So stuck, in fact, that I’ve been trying to source out the root of the term. So far, all I have deduced is that it was simply a reference in scaling up a pattern. Fair enough, that makes sense. Nevertheless, in a country where 64% of the female population is deemed overweight by government standards and the average dress size is a 14 we still find ourselves screaming to be relevant in terms of fashion. If you are reading this it is highly likely you know just what I am talking about.
So now, after a lifetime of squeezing into things too small, wearing detestable boring clothes just because they fit or paying through the nose for jeans “just like everyone else wears” I am going to do my small part to make life a bit easier for all of us. We are going to explore fashion as it relates to us. We are going to test out trends, seek out and review exciting designers and shops and we are going to have a damn fun time in the process.
So, all that being said, I look forward to sharing all of my findings with you. Keep those gorgeous eyes on the lookout for my future blogs feature some of Southern California’s most exciting and creative forces in Plus Size Fashion.

Occasionally Quirky, Always Fabulous


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